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Dog on a hike


We were founded in 2005 and are a small family run business. We are located in Lakefield, Ontario, but sell our products all over North America. 

For over a dozen years I have been interested in the theory and the knowledge of herbalism. In the late 1990's I started researching natural healing for pets when our dog Spooky developed allergies and immune problems. After a few years I perfected our Body Booster.


We couldn't believe the difference with her allergies. She was like a different dog! In that time our other dog Sadie had arthritis so severe she couldn't get up the stairs anymore. I started again and there was born our Joint Care. Sadie was once again running up and down the stairs and playing like she went back 4 years in time! Since then we have made our pet remedies available to the public.


We also widened our product line to help pets with almost any ailment.

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