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Here are a few words of praise from our customers:
"My dog was running and playing like a puppy again!"

Peterborough, ON

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My dog is a 1 ½ year old border collie cross. She had a severe case of
vasculitis last Christmas, likely caused by an allergy to beef. Her immune
system was attacking itself and she developed severe allergies to almost
everything she ate.  She was on high doses of steroids to keep down her
flare ups, but she was still having small hive-like reactions. Since she has been on 'Body Booster' she hasn't been on any steroids and hasn't had a single flare up of the disease.  I would highly recommend this product for any dog with allergy or immune system problems.

June 2008
Hi my name is Glenn, I live in Uxbridge On. my son lives in Ptbo. and had occasion to see you at the farmers mkt. Someone explained the benefits of your joint care product to my son and he purchased a $25 bag. When he told me of his purchase I thanked him but explained that my 3 yr old rotti (Gabriele) was born with an abnormality where by her bones are fused together. It’s a genetic deformity and nothing will work to ease her discomfort. Boy was I wrong. My dog should be a poster child for your product. She could not get up without whincing in pain, every time, without fail. ( I’m sure your aware that dogs have a high threshold of pain so that when they cry, it really must hurt.) After 3 days we noticed a slight improvement, by the end of week 2 she could jump up on the couch. She cannot do stairs, the pain and struggle are just too much, well not anymore. She went down the basement for the first time EVER! and made it back up on her own. Gabby doe’s not walk on her toes like all dogs but instead walks on the entire forearm. Just rising from a nap used to cause her considerable discomfort but not anymore. We had never seen her run. You should see her fly now! she chases our other dog ( a one yr old yellow lab) like she’s a 6 month old puppy.

I would highly recommend using the Joint Care if you have a dog that has issues with knees or hips, etc. My American Pitbull Terrier Magnum tore her ACL/CCL for a second time about a year ago and had to undergo TPLO surgery. She was having a very hard time recovering and continued to limp well after the surgeon said she would be wal...king normally. Carrie, one of the owners of Nature's Power Pet Remedies, suggested that I try their Joint Care and it has been amazing! Within a couple weeks of using the Joint Care Magnum was walking normally again without any limping. I know that this is directly due to the Joint Care because when we moved houses there was a period when we were not consistently giving her the Joint Care and she began limping again until we went back to giving her the Joint Care daily. It is wonderful to see her running and playing without any limping or pain again - and I will continue to keep her on Joint Care and recommend it to anyone I talk to. I have even begun giving it to my other dog who is just turning seven as a preventative measure as he is reaching the age when joint deterioration is probable. Thank you Nature's Power Remedies for a wonderful product!!!

- Jen, Magnum and Petey

Hello!  My yellow lab Anna Belle (picture attached) fell on the ice this past winter while out ice fishing with her dad Reg (my soon to be hubby) and was in an awful mess.  There was one day in particular that she could literally not walk or even stand up which of course has me hysterical.  I was worried sick about her, crying and wondering what the future would hold.  She was quite often a 3-legged dog, lifting her leg and not putting any wait on it.  We had her to the vet several times who advised swimming was allowed but we were limited to walks around the block, no long walks as it was too hard on her.  We purchased the joint care from your husband at the Peterborough Market two weeks ago and it is unbelievable the difference in her, she is a completely different dog.  We just spent the day on the lake where she played fetch into the water non-stop, she's exhausted but happy and tomorrow she'll be ready to go again.  We'll be seeing you again at the market when we need to purchase another bag of your amazing product!!

Thanks again,
Dawn, Reg and Anna Belle

Hi Carrie
I wanted to let you know that I think your Natures Power Joint Care is an absolutely MIRACLE remedy.
I have a 4 year old beagle that hurt his spine just over a month ago.
He was unable to walk and just dragged his back feet behind him. He was in so much pain.
After $700 dollars in vet bills with no cure and the possibility of $5000 dollar surgery or a wheel chair, we started him on natures power. Within 2 weeks his pain had gone and he was attempting to walk. Each day he is advancing a little more.
He is walking everywhere now, but still a little wobbly. We have no doubt that he will be back to normal in a couple of weeks.
Denver will be on natures power for the rest of his life. I will also be buying other Nature Power products because I have 100% belief in your product. I have also sent a picture of Denver in his better days. Please don't stop making this product.
Thank you again for a wonderful product


I thought I would let you know about one of your remedies I purchased at the Farmers Market on June 11.
May cat Mac who is 10 years old had been scratching is neck and face and his eyes were producing a liquid that dried on his face which was hard for me to clean off.  I was told by a friend of mine that he had allergies. He is not a cat that will let you do a lot to him, such as pilling.  I stopped at your booth by chance and was talking to your husband and he suggested "Body Booster".  He told me to put it in tuna or  plain yogurt. Well, it works!  He has stopped scratching, his eyes have stopped running and the 2 inch open sore on his neck has healed.  I am so happy for him.  He just looks so healthy now.  I think your remedy is wonderful and it worked for him. 

Thanks to your hubby and of course you. 

Pauline Saunders

Thank you so much Carrie, so far your heal all butter has fixed up my labs paw she had a persistent cut on her pad that was causing her to take it easy. Shes now fully healed, and my schnauzers persistent dry skin has healed up in just two applications, and really the second time I put it on was just on spots that I had missed. I can't believe the difference it made. I don't think that the treatment in Richmond Hill for his skin would have had near the same results and would have cost me 5x more and the inconvenience of driving there 8 times.T
hanks again,

Hi Carrie,

I have been using your BODY BOOSTER and JOINT CARE products for my Golden Retriever who previously suffered from itchiness and hot spots year round. The past four summers Brody was taking Benadryl tablets twice a day to control skin sensitivities. He was also taking Metacam daily for pain in his hip due to arthritis. I am pleased to report that this is the first summer I have not had hot spot problems with Brody and I can say he is virtually itch free. He stopped receiving Metacam months ago and is great without it. I can't believe the difference in Brody - I noticed a big improvement within a month of using your products. I feel so relieved to have such a happy and healthy dog.

My second Golden, is 9 years old and had a very poor coat this spring. I have been giving her BODY BOOSTER daily and her coat is beautiful once again. Even my parents have commented on the change in her.

I can't thank yo enough for providing such quality products for pets. I tell people about your remedies every chance I get.

Warm regards,
Dale Goddard
Ajax, Ontario

I have a 13 year old border collie named Kyra. She hurt her back jumping off a high bed. I took her to the vet and they said she needed a 6,000. dollar operation. I did not know pets were for the rich only aaaaah! JOINT CARE - the best thing and cheaper and nicer then a vet - love that stuff. Then we found the best fix it for a condition she suffered with for a long time sarcoptic mange. Her immune system was down and she could not fight these mites any longer, BODY BOOSTER. Her hair is growing back and she plays as best as an old dog can love her big time. THANK YOU NATURES POWER, THANK YOU :)
Vicki Tuck McIvor

October 17, 2008

This is our Boxer/Beagle Sandy, she is 14 years old. We started using the (Nature's Power) Joint Care about 3 months ago. Within a few weeks Sandy was running faster than us on our walks where previously she was afraid to try and run up the stairs! Sandy is finding it much easier to sit up and jump onto the bed. We are really happy with the results we have using the Joint Care. Thanks!

Ross Adderley & Krista Mossman

Hi Carrie
Here is a picture of our lab Molson.

Molson fell last winter and got a bone chip.  The vet recommended surgery due to the arthritis that had set in.  Molson only being 1.5 years old was too young we thought.  We tried natures power remedy for joint care and although he doesn't like the taste it definitely made a difference to him.  Now he runs and plays and has a great time like a puppy should.
Donna, Pete and Molson

My dog Jazz is a 17 year old Rottweiler. She was so stiff I was carrying her outside to go to the washroom. She was on Metacam, but started urinating much more frequently, so I took her off it. I knew it could cause liver and kidney problems so I didn’t want to take the chance. She was so bad I was going to put her to rest so she didn’t have to be in pain anymore.

I heard about a product from a friend, so I tried it. It was Joint Care from Nature’s Power and within 7-10 days she was able to get up and go outside by herself. Now she is not so stiff and she gets to run around and play! I call it her magic powder.

Gary from Lakefield

I bought some Heal All Salve for my dogs cracked paws. It worked wonderful! She always gets dry, cracked paws that sometimes bleed. They are like this most of the time, and within a few days I noticed the cracks were almost all gone. It worked so well I decided to try it on my son. He has eczema and had scratched his head and face up while sleeping. I put it on at night and by the next morning the scratches were completely gone! 

Justin and family
Etobicoke, ON

My cat, Mickey O’Malley, will be 12 years old on March 5, 2008.  He has arthritis and I knew he was in pain. It was painful for me to watch him jump up and down from things, and he had a hard time climbing the stairs. My friend Renee gave me some Nature’s Power Joint Care to try and I couldn’t believe how unbelievably better Mickey was. He now plays and jumps around and even goes outside (in my fenced yard that he stays in) to play, which he never used to do.

I am so happy with this wonderful product.

Maureen Wardle
Peterborough, Ontario

Dear, Pat and Carrie

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with our 5 mths old puppy Jake. Jake was getting sick to his stomach every time he ate. This continued for 9 days, we tried MANY things to solve this, but were not succeeding. Jake lost a great deal of weight and we were very concerned, we thought we might loose him, and we had no idea why. But after talking to Pat, and describing the symptoms, you suggested one of your stomach remedies. I am going to be honest, I was very sceptical that it would work, thinking it was just another product that claims things and never works. But I was so desperate that I tried it. After 1 dose, Jake stopped throwing up. Within one week he had gained back most of the weight he had just lost. I am EXTREMELY grateful to both of you, and apologize for my disbelief.. I now swear by your products and tell everybody that I know, that have animals about your product. Jake is now a healthy and happy 8mth old puppy. Thank You Very Very much, I am forever grateful. I have attached a pic of him.

Patricia Wood
Ptbo, Ont.

Our dog Oliver was hit by a car when he was a year old. Thankfully he was ok, but as the years passed on we found out he has arthritis on pretty much his whole left side of his body. By the time he was 4 he could barely move.

A friend told us to try your product Nature's Power Joint Care. We gave him the recommended amount with his meals. Honestly, we couldn’t believe the change. Within the week Oliver was running around with a stick in the yard! We hadn’t seen him play like that in about 8 months! We will never be without this stuff again and are spreading the word about your product.



Dear Carrie,

I just wanted to let you know how amazing Ellie is doing now that she is on your joint care. She used to get up real slow and had a hard time going up and down the stairs. Within a month she now gets up with more ease and also runs down the stairs to greet guests! We are so happy to see her new found spirit.

Thanks you so much.

Susan Sanders
Havelock, ON

Our dog Carly gets extremely nervous during thunderstorms. She panics and tries to hide under furniture. Nothing we do ever helps her calm down and relax (prescription drugs, physical contact....). It makes us very frustrated not to be able to help her.
We tried some Anxiety Clam during the next storm and Carly was much more relaxed. We couldn't believe it. it was like she was a different dog!

Mary and Jim Hobbs
Lakefield, Ontario

I have a bulldog named Sarah that has very bad seasonal allergies. I bought some of you products to try (wellness oil, body booster, and salve). The salve helped with her hot spots right away, and within a month her skin and coat were completely changed. She has never before had such a beautiful coat, and she doesn’t get hot spots anymore! I guess we will see how she is next spring, but I am confident she won’t suffer nearly as much.

Evan Mitchell

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